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Getting a broken garage door spring replaced can be a real pain. It’s not something you want to do without getting several estimates first and making sure that the company you go with has a good reputation in your area. But if you don’t know much about springs, garage door spring types, or what you will do if your garage door spring breaks and how they operate, then how do you even know which companies offer quality work at reasonable prices? 

This article will guide you through everything from identifying if your garage door spring is broken (and what kind) up until the moment when it’s all finished and working perfectly again!

What is a garage door spring?

A garage door spring is a type of spring that is used to help lift and move the heavy object, in this case, your garage door. The garage door spring helps move it up and down by lifting it when you are going to open or close the garage door. If one of those garage door springs breaks then it might be time for a repair.

If your garage door spring is broken, it can cause a lot of problems. It might not open or close properly and this can be very dangerous if you have any children or pets who may be trying to get into the garage. Also, if your garage door is not working properly then it could also lead to other issues like theft.

You may have time to get someone to replace the broken garage door spring immediately

If you are lucky, you can get someone out to replace the broken garage door spring immediately. If not, there are some things to consider.

You’ll need to close the garage door so that it won’t fall from its track while anyone is working on it.

Make sure that everyone knows about these dangers and stays away from the area until work has been completed. If you have children or pets they might be injured by an accidental spring release as well as a door falling down on them.

Make sure everyone knows how dangerous this situation is by explaining what could happen if they touch anything near where repairs are being made (including yourself).

You’ll need to use a trolley to help move the door up and down

The good news is that it’s easy to install. Just place one end of the trolley in front of where the garage door meets your carriage house, then place the other end under your garage door near the center (where the springs are). You should be able to hear it click into place when it’s secured properly.

When moving your door for any reason—up or down—make sure that it’s locked so no one is accidentally injured. If left unattended, this system could also cause damage if someone attempts to open their car doors while still parked in front of your home. It would be difficult not only for them but also for police officers responding later on if they were unaware that their actions may result in injury or property damage.

If there are newer models available now than when you bought yours then consider replacing them. Replace those old parts with more modern ones made from lighter materials like aluminum instead. These tend not only to provide better performance overall but also save energy costs over time since they weigh less than steel ones.

Also, when you have a broken garage door spring make sure the door is locked so it doesn’t come down on someone’s head

If you have a garage door opener, it may be programmed to open or close your door if there is an emergency situation. You can change this in the settings menu of your remote control or keypad.

You want to be safe when doing this repair. Make sure your garage door isn’t going to come crashing down on you or someone else while you’re working on it.

Consider upgrading your doors if the garage door spring is broken or outdated

If you have an older garage door, chances are it does not use torsion springs. If that is the case then I recommend upgrading your doors to the newer sectional doors. These are also referred to as “twin panels” and “side-by-side” doors. This basically means they have two panels. A sectional door is made up of two panels that slide horizontally on a track in opposite directions. Enabling them to open up and down like a standard garage door.

There are several advantages to using this type of garage door over the traditional roller style.

They operate faster than most other types of garage doors because they don’t require any rolling up or down. Therefore no energy consumption while opening or closing. Instead, they slide smoothly along their tracks as long as you engage both sides simultaneously using one hand each time – super simple.

They’re quieter than rollers when operating due largely in part due to their lack of bearings. Bearings tend to make a lot more noise during operation than other materials used for construction purposes. Such as steel rods versus nylon cords versus cables etcetera.

Go with a garage door repair company that offers warranties on their parts and labor 

If anything goes wrong later down the road (with your new replacement spring) their company will honor the warranty. It was under factory specifications when installed correctly by an authorized professional trained & certified by them.

Yes, services with warranties can cost more but they can also save you from paying for repairs down the road. The real question is whether or not it’s worth paying extra money upfront. In order to rest assured that everything is working smoothly for years to come? If this answer is yes for you then a lifetime warranty could be a good option.

Don’t try to fix a broken garage door spring yourself

You’re probably thinking, “I can do this myself! I already have a set of tools.” You may be right, but we recommend hiring a professional to replace your broken garage door spring. While some homeowners may be able to complete the task themselves, it’s usually a good idea to call in an expert. Especially when dealing with something as complex and important as a garage door spring replacement. Think about it: if you don’t know how to install new springs correctly and safely yourself, how do you know whether or not someone else will do it correctly for you?

There are several reasons why we encourage our customers to hire professionals instead of doing their own DIY projects. Safety concerns, the warranty coverage in case something goes wrong.

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