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Residential Garage Door Repair in Houston

Looking for the top garage door repair in Houston? Even on Sundays, Flex Garage Door can offer you same-day garage door repair service! No matter how big or little the issue, we can handle all garage door types! Our objective is to offer you trustworthy garage door repair service. We can assist you if you’re having problems with your opener, garage door springs, or anything else connected to your system. We take great pride in being one of Houston’s top local garage door repair businesses.

Service with a Smile

As long-time residents of the Houston region, we are aware of the concerns that the majority of homeowners have. We are here because all of Flex’s technicians are informed, skilled, and honest. Simply inform our experts of the problems you’ve been experiencing with your garage door, and we’ll get to work.

To ensure that your system will be fixed promptly and effectively, we only utilize components and supplies of the highest caliber. You can depend on Flex Garage Door to do your garage door repair project correctly.

No matter how small or huge the service, we always charge fairly. Every time a client comes to us, our staff makes sure they leave happy.

Competitive Rates

Flex Garage Door provides affordable prices. Call us right away if you want the greatest costs for high-quality service because we guarantee it. We never cut corners because doing so will only lead to additional problems in the future with inferior craftsmanship and materials. To guarantee that your system will continue to operate effectively for years to come, our staff only uses high-quality parts and supplies on every work. If you need garage door repair in Houston, get in touch with us right now. We always get the job done right the first time, which is why we’re Houston’s top garage door repair service.

garage door springs replacement in houston tx

Garage Door Spring Replacement

The functionality and security of your garage door depend on the garage door springs. In order to guarantee that your system will be correctly balanced and operate safely for many years to come, Flex Garage Door provides same-day garage door spring replacement services throughout Houston, Texas.

Your spring issues can be immediately identified and fixed by our team of skilled specialists, restoring your door’s functionality in no time. Once the new springs have been installed, we additionally check the balance of your garage door to guarantee peak performance. Call us right away if you want the best rates for high-quality service because we guarantee it.

Numerous problems might arise if the garage door springs are not balanced or maintained properly. Your door might not open or close as softly and smoothly as it ought to, the opener might struggle to lift the weight of the door, and if the springs fail, you might put yourself in danger of suffering a serious injury. Because of this, it’s crucial to have them frequently inspected and repaired by a reputable garage door repair business like Flex Garage Door in Houston.

Please contact us right away for all of your needs since we recognize how crucial it is for your garage door system to operate properly. We promise to provide you with prompt, courteous service that will delight you.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Numerous things, including wear, aging, and heavy use, can harm garage door openers. Because they are used frequently and consume a lot of energy, garage doors can wear out the opener over time. Additionally, the components inside the opener may shift and stop working properly. The speedy and effective diagnosis and repair of garage door openers is our area of expertise at Flex Garage Door in Houston.

With the most up-to-date equipment and technology, our skilled technicians can swiftly and efficiently diagnose and fix any issues. In order to guarantee the best performance and dependability, our crew exclusively uses premium components and materials on every job. After every repair, we check the door’s balance and lubrication to make sure everything is operating as it should.

Don’t let your garage door opener put your house and family in danger. To maintain the security and safety of your home, you need periodically repair and maintain your garage door, which serves as one of the main entries. We look forward to assisting you in quickly getting your system back up and running!


FAQ about Garage Door Repair

How fast can my garage door be repaired?

Garage doors have many internal components that can break down. Depending on what broke down on your garage door, a fix can take from 15 minutes to an hour or so to repair.

What should I do when my garage door doesn't want to close?

Usually when a garage door isn’t closing, it’s because of an issue with the infrared sensors. See if there is any object obstructing the line of sight between the sensors. If there’s nothing in between them, check to see that the sensors are not out of alignment. If this didn’t help, there might be an electrical issue with your sensors and it would be best to give us a call. 

If one of my springs is damaged, do I need to replace both?

Yes. To ensure your garage door functions properly, it is important to replace both springs when one break. It’s not advisable to have mismatched door springs since they typically break around the same time and can affect the performance of your opener.

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